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Strip #1 Preview
Well, it’s officially the first strip of “Friction Fit Theatre”. My latest attempt at a comic strip. This wasn’t supposed to be the start, originally I was going to go with the begining of the first long form story. But I didn’t have it figured out yet. Then I figured I would go the gag-a-day bits to get things going. I would think of this stuff while the iPod was on at work. Steve and Phil kick things off. Okay, strip number one. These were originally availible as part of a preview page. The first 6 strips are now up, the rest will be up in late october possibly a Halloween debut.
Why yes I've been tweaking the website. I have ditched wordpress/comicpress and gone back to something a bit simpler to operate. It may be a bit more work but it doesn't stress me out. With recent stress and disappoinments in the daily life around here, I took a bit of time away from the comic. Getting back in to making the comic, I had to fix one thing first, the website. I hated it. So I've been working on it and I like what it's becoming. New comics should be up in January, I hope. I still have to build a new permanent set. Thanks for your patience.

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